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Accounting Services

Even small businesses need big accounting solutions and Dana Lee CPA LLC is ready to help. We provide more than accounting and bookkeeping services; we take an active role in increasing profits for your business. We'll deliver the accurate financial reports you need to watch expenses and the inventive strategies to manage your tax obligations.

At Dana Lee CPA LLC, we know that how you handle your money can make or break your business. As your trusted advisor, we direct you towards the best accounting practices for your type of business and steer you away from financial pitfalls that can inhibit profitability or prevent growth.

Assurance Services

Get a higher level of assurance by enlisting our help for a compilation of your financial statements, financial statement preparation, and general ledger accounting.

New Business Advisory

We'll guide you through the crucial decisions that must be made when starting a new business and we’ll help you through the tax set-up process.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping is an economical option that's not only convenient but will save you time and money.

Services for QuickBooks Users

Use QuickBooks to its full potential when we setup your software and provide ongoing support to answer questions and troubleshoot problems.

Small Business Accounting

Turn to us for dependable accounting and bookkeeping services and practical advice. We'll know how to serve you because we cater to small businesses.

Bundled Business Services

We can build a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual bundled business services package, tailored to your particular needs. We offer ongoing review of your books, tax reporting, workers compensation insurance reporting, help with bank reconciliations, financial statements preparation, QuickBooks help, tax advice, proactive tax planning, timing strategies and coordination at both the entity and individual level throughout the year, so that you maximize your tax savings, while having the peace of mind that your books are in order.

Contact us to learn more or give us a call at 832-919-8448 to discuss how accounting and bookkeeping services from our The Woodlands, TX CPA firm can benefit your business.