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Rental Property Investors

Real Estate Investors

A lot of business owners invest their hard-earned money in real estate, either commercial or residential. Renting these properties to others or to a related business can be an efficient savings tool. But rental property investors have to deal with complex tax regulations that can make tax preparation and tax planning difficult. We are also specialized in rental property taxation and we can bring significant tax savings to our business clients that invest in real estate. Through carefully thought tax planning and client education, our clients can make informed investment decisions and they can have the peace of mind that their taxes are in order and can sustain IRS scrutiny.

If you are a business owner with real estate investments and you are interested in our comprehensive accounting and tax services, click here to schedule an appointment and see how we can help you.

If you are a real estate investor preparing your own tax return and you are interested in learning about the tax rules and tax savings strategies for rental properties, we have a comprehensive advisory service for real estate investors. Click here to schedule an appointment to find out more.