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Rental Property Taxation Course

For the tax savvy real estate investors that are interested in self-educating themselves in rental property taxation, we devised a comprehensive rental property taxation course. This course can help you stay compliant with the IRS rules, while maximizing your tax savings. It addresses both long-term rentals and properties rented short-term using online platforms, like Airbnb or Vrbo. This course offers insights from the perspective of an experienced CPA that can be hard to get by, unless you hire the services of an experienced professional.

You will find discussed in this course issues such as:

  • what you need to do when you buy a rental property,
  • how to calculate your basis and depreciation issues,
  • tax treatment of repairs,
  • what you need to do when you sell your rental property and strategies available to you to minimize or almost eliminate the tax on the gain from the sale,
  • how personal use days impact your taxes,
  • when your rental is considered a short-term rental and when it is considered a long-term rental,
  • when your activity is a passive activity and when is a non-passive activity,
  • how to save on taxes by knowing how and when to claim the qualified business income deduction,
  • when you can escape the net investment income tax,
  • when self-employment tax applies to your situation,
  • what tax forms to use,
  • when to file 1099 forms,
  • when you are considered a real estate professional and the advantages of this status,
  • how to save on taxes by making use of the tax elections available to real estate investors,
  • timing and tax planning strategies.

Table of Contents

  1. When To Report Income & Expenses (12:38)
  2. Categories of Rentals; Personal Rental (07:36)
  3. Personal Usage Explained (23:22)
  4. Mixed Use Property – General Rules (07:56)
  5. Mixed Use Property – IRS Method (18:04)
  6. Mixed Use Property – Alternative Method (11:55)
  7. True Rental Property (19:02)
  8. IRS Forms; Self-Employment Tax (17:59)
  9. Participation In the Activity - General Rules (08:20)
  10. Material Participation (13:48)
  11. Long-Term Rentals (15:07)
  12. Short-Term Rentals (09:31)
  13. Real Estate Professionals (13:16)
  14. Net Investment Income Tax; Qualified Business Income Deduction (06:44)
  15. Buying A Rental Property; Converting A Home into A Rental (19:05)
  16. Repairs, Appliances, Elections (11:55)
  17. Major Repairs (07:56)
  18. Selling The Rental Property (17:59)
  19. 1099 Forms (09:27)
  20. Recordkeeping; Documentation (07:54)

Total Course: 4 hours and 19 minutes

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